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10 dangerous signs of "liver cirrhosis"

10 dangerous signs of “liver cirrhosis”

The liver is an organ that helps destroy toxins. or waste products from the blood build immunity against pathogens produce substances that help blood clot and produce bile for digestion and absorb oil-soluble vitamins When the liver has many functions like this, if the liver is damaged or when it malfunctions Your

kidney disease One of the symptoms of people with kidney disease, nephritis, kidney failure, and kidney failure is frequent urination. especially at night due to abnormal functioning of the kidneys The kidneys are unable to absorb water back into the body as well as before. thus causing more water to be excreted from the body and more often than usual Bladder stones/lumps When there is a stone or a lump in the bladder area or nearby May grow to the point that it squeezes the bladder and fills the bladder faster. causing pain to urinate more often than usual It is similar to pregnant women whose uterus enlarges and squeezes the bladder. It also causes pain to urinate more often than usual. enlarged prostate enlarged prostate thickening the muscular walls of the bladder This is because you have to squeeze harder to push the urine through a narrow tube. (where the prostate gland squeezes causing urinary urgency) and when the bladder wall thickens, it results in a decrease in the ability to retain urine. therefore having to urinate often drinking too much water It's a condition that can occur more rarely when most people don't drink enough water. But this can happen if you eat spicy food that makes you thirsty. drinking too much alcohol The occurrence of abnormal thirst caused by the nervous system. and other causes that forces you to feel very thirsty until having to drink more water than usual If you have frequent urination, like every hour, or frequent urination at night Including the pain of urination so much that it is almost impossible to hold You should consult a doctor for a thorough physical examination.

Frequent urination: 8 signs of an unexpected dangerous disease

Before getting any disease, there will always be some symptoms that show us the abnormality of the body. Only we will see it as a minor symptom that will disappear soon, causing us to neglect to pay attention to our own health . Before we know it, it

“Urine” has a very pungent smell. risk of dangerous disease

“Urine” has a very pungent smell. risk of dangerous disease

Urine with a slight pungent odor is normal. But if too pungent It could be a sign of a dangerous disease. Dr. Niwat Laksanawong, Charoen Krung Pracharak Hospital, Bangkok, stated that urine consists of water. and waste excreted from the kidneys These waste products affect the smell of urine. In

What causes gastritis and how to take care of yourself when having gastritis

What causes gastritis and how to take care of yourself when having gastritis

In today’s society, there is only competition. Causing everyone’s daily life to be hasty as well, resulting in the worsening of the health of people in society and social problems The most common health condition is an ulcer in the stomach or duodenum. Which we generally call ” gastritis ” . Gastritis  is