British Football League Not stuck if using a foreign coach to control the big army again

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The media hit the news! English Football Association Not blocking the use of the new head coach as a foreigner after Gareth Southgate is still uncertain. Whether he will continue to manage the national team.

Daily Mail, a famous British media News reports about the movement of the England national team. After missing the last 8 teams of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. After losing to France unfortunately until the news came out that Gareth Southgate, the head coach of the UFABET team. May announce his retirement from the national team to show spirit. But it’s still in the process of being decided.

British Football League Not stuck if using a foreign coach to control the big army again

The report states that It is not clear at this time. England national team Will get a new coach or not by the English Football Association (FA) still wants Gareth Southgate to continue to work in charge of the “Roaring Lion. But if you want to retire is ready to respect this decision And ready to find a new coach to work immediately

However, now there is still no name of the England national team coach The new person came out clearly. With the news coming out that A number of highly skilled coaches have been named in the ranks, including Newcastle manager Eddie Howe and Chelsea manager Graham Potter. He is regarded as someone who has been accepted by many parties. But both are still on a mission with the club right now. and may not decide to change a new job

As for Brendan Rodgers, Leicester City manager who has worked in England for a long time. And is accepted by people in the industry, including the FA. They are very fond of working. But may be stuck with the problem. The manager is from Northern Ireland, along with Forest’s Welsh manager Steve Cooper.

However, the FA does not have a problem with the use of foreign coaches to oversee the England national team. Most recently, foreign coaches who were drawn as favorites were Argentinian coach Mauricio Pochettino and German coach Thomas Tuchel. Who is still unemployed, may come to take charge of the England national team. It is possible in the case of Pochettino, a British betting company. even issued odds to be one of the favorites to take over the army The next “Lion’s Roar”