Ronaldo congratulates Messi if he wins World Cup

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I’m happy! Ronaldo, former Brazilian national team striker Ready to congratulate Lionel Messi, captain of the Argentine national team. If you win the World Cup successfully. But admitted to not being impressed with the performances of the Argentina national team in this UFABET World Cup.

2022 World Cup Finals in Qatar facing each other to the final 4 teams or the semi-finals by the “Blue-White” Argentina army, with Lionel Messi, the 7-time Ballon d’Or winner. Leading the army as one of the Four teams have successfully made it to this round. Which is now seen as the favorite team to win this World Cup championship.

Ronaldo congratulates Messi if he wins World Cup

Ronaldo, former Brazilian national team striker. In which football life has led the team “Seleçao” to win the World Cup two times in 1994, 2002, has opened up through the famous media like Mundo Deportivo that in this World Cup for the Argentina national team South American lovers Under the team of Lioness Scaloni, he was not impressed at all.

However, if Argentina wins the World Cup, congratulations to Messi as well, because it will end the national team playing with a world title after previously winning the Copa America football championship, but I have no idea. Happy as a Brazilian who saw the nation’s rivals win the championship However, we would have to accept it if it really happened.

“Ronaldo” also said that. “Football is a sport that is played to win. Nobody can give you this, but now Messi has a chance. Argentina will not play well. But they are committed. Play for each other, especially Messi, who is dangerous in the penalty area. In which he will win the championship, it will be the happiness of everyone who watches.”

FIFA World Cup 2022 semi-final program The Argentina national team will face the Croatian national team. On Tuesday, December 13, 2022, to go through to the final on Sunday, December 18, meet the winning team between France, “old champion” or Morocco.