shock! Iranian players face the death penalty

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Death penalty! Amir Nasser-Assadni Professional footballers in Iran face the death penalty. On charges of campaigning for women’s rights and freedoms within their own countries. The Federation of Professional Footballers International (FIFPRO) has called for immediate abolition of the punishment.

The International Federation of Professional Footballers (FIFPRO) shared the news via social media “Twitter” that “Fifpro is shocked and depressed. According to news reports that Amir Nasser-Adasani a professional soccer player sentenced to death. In Iran Charged with campaigning for women’s rights and liberties within their own country. We stand with Amir and call for the immediate lifting of his punishment.”

shock! Iranian players face the death penalty

Earlier, Iranians protested across the country against the government following the death of 22-year-old Mahsha Amini in police custody last September. Charged with violating the dress code until making it to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar Iran national team players made a symbolic expression by standing still while playing the national anthem. Before starting the UFABET match that lost to England 2-6 on November 21, to support anti-government protesters

The report states that On Monday, December 12. It was the second execution in less than a week of those involved in the protests. And the legendary striker of the “Reds” Liverpool team at the Tractor Sazi club in 2018. Currently a professional footballer in Iran