10 dangerous signs of “liver cirrhosis”

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The liver is an organ that helps destroy toxins. or waste products from the blood build immunity against pathogens produce substances that help blood clot and produce bile for digestion and absorb oil-soluble vitamins When the liver has many functions like this, if the liver is damaged or when it malfunctions Your body will definitely tremble quickly. If you have liver disease What warning signs are there?

10 dangerous signs of "liver cirrhosis"

1. Fatigue, tired easily

2. Boredom, not eating much

3. Frequent nausea 4.

Weight loss despite not losing weight

5. Swollen feet, swollen stomach

6. Bleeding easily because the liver cannot clot easily

7. Symptoms similar to gallstones

8. yellow body, yellow eyes due to the inability of the liver to excrete bile

9. vomiting blood due to high liver pressure As a result, the veins in the esophagus have high pressure. and if it is so high that the veins are broken It may cause vomiting blood.

10. May be hemorrhoids

In addition, cirrhosis occurs when we drink too much alcohol. may also be caused by hepatitis B ( read about Hepatitis ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com here )

How to prevent cirrhosis

1. Abstain or reduce alcohol consumption which is one of the very important causes of liver disease

2. Vaccination against hepatitis virus which is a major cause of liver disease later as well

3. Control your diet and exercise regularly. To prevent obesity, diabetes , which can affect the liver.

4. Be careful not to get gallstones. because it may result in liver disease later

5. Do not take any medicine or receive any type of toxin for a long period of time. Because there may be accumulation in the liver.

If these warning signs Especially anorexia, weight loss and swollen feet, swollen stomach, should see a doctor urgently. Because the liver is an important organ that cannot be cut off on one side like the kidney or uterus, and the liver plays many important functions in the body. If it malfunctions when? I’ve collapsed so badly.