Tips for fixing split ends For people who color their hair often

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Because I have split ends It is a national problem for people who love me. Especially for people who color their hair often, in addition to their extremely dry hair, split ends follow close behind. I’m in such shock that I can hardly continue coloring it. So we’ve been looking for a simple hair care formula. It may not be expected that natural ingredients that can be found in the general market will have many properties when it comes to hair. As for the formula, how to use it? Prepare paper and a pen to write it down.

Tips for fixing split ends For people who color their hair often

Honey mixed with yogurt

Yogurt and honey are rich in various nutrients that help nourish and restore hair health and vitality. And in yogurt there are also fatty acids that will help nourish and soften the hair. Reduces the symptoms of dry, split ends of the hair. As for how to use: Use while your hair is dry. Apply 1 cup of yogurt mixed with 3 tablespoons of honey and leave it for half an hour. Do it once a week. It will help your hair come back soft and smooth, without split ends.

Fermented with beer

Rinse hair thoroughly and towel dry. anointed with beer Leave it on for about 30-40 minutes, then rinse off with clean water. We will find that the hair is clearly soft and smooth to the touch. This is because beer is full of nutrients that are produced by fermentation from yeast and grains. These are all excellent hair nourishing foods.

Avocado mixed with olive oil

Not only does it reduce the viscosity while applying to the สมัคร ufabet hair. Both ingredients are also rich in vitamin E. and antioxidants which is a necessary part of the hair Avocado is absorbed into deep nourishment, making the hair healthy, soft, smooth, moisturized, and greatly reducing dryness and split ends.

Coconut oil or olive oil

Whether it’s coconut oil or olive oil All are rich in natural fatty acids, vitamin E, and anti-oxidants. Use the mask to moisturize dry hair thoroughly before showering. Should be used regularly In addition to helping restore split ends, It also helps make hair healthy, strong and grow faster.