Howe confirms that arriving ‘Milan’ late due to weather conditions has no effect on ‘Salika’

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Eddie Howe is ready to lead Newcastle United to face. AC Milan in the UCL group stage on Tuesday, despite arriving later than scheduled. Revealing his excitement and pride in leading the army to fight in this program for the first time.

Howe confirms that arriving 'Milan' late due to weather conditions has no effect on 'Salika'

Eddie Howe, manager of Newcastle United, confirmed that weather problems caused their arrival in Italy to be delayed. It will not affect the preparation for the UEFA Champions League group stage, Group F, meeting with AC Milan at the San Siro stadium on Tuesday. they are proud to lead the Magpies to play in the big cup. The best of Europe again in 20 years 

The Magpies trainer and his players. It was due to leave Tyneside at around 2:30pm local time but finally departed near 5pm due to storms in Italy. They arrived at the stadium for a press conference at around 9:00 p.m., two hours later than scheduled. It is thought that first-time offenses are more likely to warrant a warning from UEFA than strict punishment .

Howe is adamant that preparations for the clash with Milan will not be a problem. “It’s just part of the job we do. It’s not normal, but it can happen. This is a climate problem. We have been in similar situations before. It’s what we’re used to. Even though it arrived later than we wanted it to. But it’s not a big deal.”

For the 45-year-old, this will be the first Champions League game. In which he has been involved. which he admitted that feel excited. Because he had never led a ยูฟ่าเบท team playing in the UCL before and it was a very busy job. It is a very proud moment for him and for everyone associated with Newcastle to return to the Champions League after a long absence.

“Yes, it was a special game. And we have to do our best. In terms of football competition There are slight differences among the places we travel to. But the format of the game will be the same and it will be a very difficult game visiting Milan this time,” the British head coach said. Newcastle ‘s last game in the competition was a 0-2 home loss to Barcelona in March 2003.