Romano Firm Swan withdraws pursuit of Leimer who is aiming for South Tiger

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Italian journalists claim Liverpool have given up on RB Leipzig target Konrad Leimer as a central defender. After the players are close to a conclusion to Bayern Munich without a fee this summer

Fabrizio Romano, a famous news hawk, reports that Liverpool team in the Premier League. Ended interest in RB Leipzig midfielder Konrad Leimer . After the players are close to moving to join the team Bayern Munich, German league rivals. Free of charge this summer The negotiations are prepared to be concluded.

Romano Firm Swan withdraws pursuit of Leimer who is aiming for South Tiger

The 25-year-old has been a target for the Reds since last summer. But in the end, this deal did not happen. Makes them want to dust off. Austrian midfielder During the opening of the second trading market in January, although the players have been taking a long break since last September after having an ankle ligament injury and is expected to recover early next year

However, the macaroni hawk stated that the famous Anfield team Give up hope. Because at this time I know It’s not going to happen. As Southern Tigers have been leading the race for this player’s signature for some time now. And most recently, the transfer of the UFABET team is almost complete, with Julian Nagelsmann returning to work with his former team members again.

Previously , Bayern tried to sign Leimer, who is out of contract at the end of this season. but could not agree on a fee Causing this deal to be protracted, allowing Red Machine to have hope. In addition, the players also admitted that He grew up with Steven Gerrard as his idol. So following in his footsteps with Clubs in Merseyside So it seems like it’s likely to be possible.

But then at the end of the month , Sky Germany spread the news that Referee has already decided on his own future. by going to live with Bundesliga champion, which Romano came out to confirm this news again, along with the decision to end this deal from Liverpool completely. As a result, they have to continue to find a new midfielder.