10 cheap Thai fish, high in omega 3, comparable to salmon

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“Omega 3” is very popular nowadays. Because it helps nourish the body in many ways. Including the heart, brain, skin, and reduces cholesterol. and reduce the risk of cancer But many people may only know that omega 3 is in deep sea fish such as salmon. But in fact, the Department of Health. The Ministry of Public Health says that these are our Thai fish. Fish that are as high in Omega 3 as fish from overseas. Let’s take a look at the list and see what fish there are.

10 cheap Thai fish, high in omega 3, comparable to salmon

5 sea fish that contain omega 3 

The fish will turn white.
The fish will have a short turret shape. Almost rhombus shaped The body is very flat on the sides. The eyes are quite small. The beak is short and blunt. The mouth is small and slanted upwards. Can be found both in the Gulf of Thailand. and the Ang Thong Islands are abundant. Including the Andaman Sea, it is popular to be steamed or fried, such as steamed plums and steamed soy sauce.


Cotton fish do not have hard scales on the late lateral lines. The body is quite long. The tip of the beak is rounded. The back color is grayish-brown. flanks and belly It is a gradually fading gray color. The abdominal area is white. The largest size is up to 70 centimeters long and weighs about 50 kilograms. It is popularly fried, made into three-flavored fish, steamed on cotton balls, or grilled and eaten with seafood dipping sauce.

sea ​​bass

White sea bass can live in both freshwater and brackish water. It has a thick body and flat sides, a large head, and a rather long and pointed beak. The body surface is white, silver mixed with brown. The abdominal spine is silvery white. It has a length of approximately 20-40 centimeters. The largest size has been found to be up to 2 meters. It is popular for cooking in a variety of ways. Such as boiling, stir-frying, curry, frying, and steaming.


Mackerel has a long, slender body, large eyes, a wide mouth, and a pointed beak fine scales. It is about 14-20 centimeters long and can be used for steaming, frying, tom yum or making mackerel chili paste. Using pounded mackerel meat mixed with shrimp paste. And in our house we sell both steamed mackerel in baskets and fresh mackerel.


Grouper is a large fish. The overall shape is a long fat body. slightly flat on the sides. The scales are small. The https://ufabet999.app color of the body and fins is bright or dark and different. Depends on type and size. Can be used to make a variety of menus. Including all three flavors: steamed with soy sauce, stir-fried with celery, topped with chili, and boiled with dipping sauce.

5 freshwater fish that contain omega 3


Catfish is a scaleless fish with a long body and a flat hard head. It has eight long tentacles. Its dorsal and anal fins are longer than half of its body length. It is popularly fried to a crisp, stir-fried with celery, in dishes with a hot flavor to mask the fishiness. The most popular one is probably the catfish salad.

Swai fish

Swai fish have a relatively small head. The line from the head to the dorsal fin slopes straight. The eyes are always at or above the corners of the mouth. The body is slender but the turret is short. The fins are faded. The tail fin has dark stripes along the upper and lower sides. Swai fish can be fishy. Therefore, the most popular method for cooking is frying garlic. Or fry it and then pour in chopped mango salad.

Snakehead fish

Snakehead fish should be very popular among Thai consumers. It has a rather large head. Long cylindrical shape. The tail fin is slender and the tip is rounded. The mouth is wide. Inside the mouth there are fangs on the roof. The body is dark olive or light brown. It is popular to put in sour soup. Snakehead fish, Lui Suan or Tom Yum


Tilapia can live in fresh and brackish water. Has a large body size Length approximately 10-30 centimeters. Easy to propagate and has good taste. It can be made in many ways. Including fried, tri-flavored, topped with chili, steamed with soy sauce, or steamed with lemon.

Grouper fish

has a very wide mouth. The corners of the mouth are beyond the edge of the eyeball. In adults, the forehead is curved. The back is arched high. When young, they have tiger-like lines and will gradually turn silver-gray as they grow older. that we often hear It must be fish balls. Fried fish cakes or stir-fried spicy fish

Have you gotten any ideas for cooking today? Pick one fish. Then cook food for the people you love to eat. But even though these fish are high in omega-3. They are also high in saturated fat, such as catfish and catfish. Therefore, you should alternate between eating both sea fish and freshwater fish and possibly alternating with lean meat. In order to get more variety of nutrients.