“Cigarettes” risk “lung cancer and heart disease” and are also dangerous to those around you.

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Thai people are at risk from exposure to cigarette smoke from those around them. The harms of cigarettes affect health both directly and indirectly.

Cigarette smoke is dangerous to both smokers and those around them from “secondhand smoke”.

Dr. Ekachai Sathienpittayakul Respiratory internist Bangkok Hospital said that according to data from the World Health Organization in 2018, there are currently approximately 1.1 billion smokers around the world, and approximately 7 million people die from smoking per year worldwide. 890,000 people die from inhaling secondhand smoke.

"Cigarettes" risk "lung cancer and heart disease" and are also dangerous to those around you.

Parents smoke, danger to children

Children whose parents smoke have a four times greater risk of developing calculus in their coronary arteries and a two times greater risk of developing coronary artery disease than children whose parents do not smoke.

Lung cancer, a danger that comes with cigarettes

Dr. Pochana Chittawattanarat, M.D. Cancer internal medicine doctor Wattanosoth Hospital said that in Thailand, lung cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in men and 4th in women, and lung cancer is the cancer with the number 1 death rate. The main risk factors are smoking, including Secondhand smoking means not smoking yourself but receiving smoke from others.

Early symptoms of lung cancer

Common symptoms include:

  1. cough
  2. Tired easily
  3. Weight loss
  4. No energy
  5. Loss of appetite
  6. Body or bone pain

Check first, it’s safer.

Doctors will consider people at high risk, namely those who have smoked for more than 30 pack years (calculated from the number of packs smoked per day x the number of years smoked, for example 2 packs per day, 15 years = 2×15 = 30 pack years, etc.) or those who Quit smoking for less than 15 years. Get a low dose CT Chest (computed tomography of the lung) once a year to find early cancer (Lung Cancer Screening). This results in finding lung cancer in the early stages which has a greater chance of being cured.

How to check for lung cancer

If the treating doctor is suspicious, he or she will send for a lung biopsy to confirm the tissue. After confirming that you have lung cancer, a CT or PET/CT will be done along with a brain MRI to diagnose the stage of the disease.

lung cancer treatment

If it’s the first stage, surgery will be used along with radiation and chemotherapy, depending on the patient. size of cancer and the location of the cancer If it is the spread stage or what is known as “Stage 4”, drug treatment will be used, which includes chemotherapy, targeted therapy, or immunotherapy, which is the use of drugs to destroy the white blood cells, Cytotoxic T Cells. cancer cells more effectively This method is increasingly used in many types of cancer.

Even as treatment improves, survival rates increase. Lung cancer is still considered the number 1 cause of cancer death. If lung cancer is found in its early stages, there is a chance that it can be cured. Therefore, you should reduce and quit smoking.

Smoking increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

In addition to lung cancer and respiratory diseases, which are the most common causes of death in smokers, An additional 3 million people will die from cardiovascular causes. Heart attack and stroke symptoms

Dr. Chattanong Yodwut, cardiologist Bangkok Heart Hospital said that people who smoke cause their blood vessels to deteriorate and become narrowed 10 – 15 years faster than those who do not smoke. What is interesting is that Smoking women who take birth control pills are nearly 40 times more likely to have coronary artery disease and 10 times more likely to have a heart attack from myocardial infarction than non-smokers, which increases the risk. according to the number of cigarettes smoked Moreover, smoking directly affects the heart. Makes the heart work harder fast heartbeat coronary artery disease Blood pressure rises

Toxins from cigarettes damage the heart

Importantly, toxins in cigarette smoke that are harmful to the blood vessels and heart, such as nicotine, are important factors that increase blood pressure. Heart rate increases The ufabet https://ufabet999.app blood vessels that supply the heart contract. myocardial ischemia The heart needs more oxygen. And another type of toxin that is equally severe is carbon monoxide When it binds with red blood cells The heart muscle receives less oxygen. The heart beats faster and works harder. Therefore, people who have quit smoking for more than 10 years have the same risk of developing coronary heart disease as non-smokers. Therefore, being aware of the dangers of cigarettes and taking care of your heart to be healthy is something you should always be aware of.

Quit smoking… It’s not as difficult as you think.

Quitting smoking is not difficult. I just want a determined heart. Because just quit smoking for a few hours. Heart rate and blood pressure will decrease. There are also fewer toxins in the body. with a simple technique Things that help you quit smoking are:

  1. Get rid of all smoking equipment.
  2. Don’t go near people who smoke.
  3. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.
  4. Manage stress by not smoking.
  5. When you first quit smoking, you may feel irritated. Take a deep breath. Drink lots of water. Take a comfortable shower. To reduce frustration and bewilderment
  6. Exercise regularly

Just like this, returning to good health is no longer difficult.