5 ways to prevent hair loss, breakage, and split ends to make it healthy again.

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Problems with hair loss It is one of the problems that almost every woman has to face. which causes hair damage Hair breaks and falls out Or there are many types of split ends. Especially improper care, eating, taking medicine or even resting. Today, we have gathered together 5 methods to help prevent hair damage, breakage, and split ends to share with you ladies. I have taken it to do as follows.

5 ways to prevent hair loss, breakage, and split ends to make it healthy again.

1. Eat food that nourishes the hair.
Starting with paying attention to food. Girls must eat foods that help nourish the hair. This method is nourishing from within. As for foods that help nourish hair, most are foods rich in protein, zinc, iron, and folic acid, including foods that are recommended to be eaten frequently. Because it helps prevent hair loss, breakage, and split ends, including green leafy vegetables, fruits in the vitamin C group, eggs, and nuts. You must also drink enough clean water. It can prevent hair from breaking easily.

2. Trim the ends of the hair.
Trimming the ends of the hair also helps prevent damaged hair from falling out. By recommending that girls Trim the ends of your hair every 6-8 weeks. Trimming the ends helps prevent split ends. It is also good at adding volume to the ends of the hair. So if girls I already have a problem with dry and damaged hair. It is recommended to treat damaged hair first. Don’t try to keep it. because it may cause other parts of hair that is still good has not been nourished well enough

3. Add moisture. Moisturizing your hair can be done by always using conditioner after washing your hair. Or you can use natural oils such as olive oil, argan oil. or almond oil as well. which makes the hair have enough moisture It will help reduce the chance of dry and damaged hair problems leading to split ends.

4. Manage stress
Stress can also cause hair loss problems. This is because stress can affect the hair follicles and lead to their shedding. As well as causing problems with dry and damaged hair. So if girls Having high stress or accumulated stress has the potential to easily cause hair loss problems.

5. Avoid contact with heat.
When the hair is experiencing hair loss and split ends, it is recommended that girls try to avoid using high-heat devices such as curlers, hair irons, or hair dryers. This is because heat can reduce the strength of your hair. Especially if it’s too hot. It can damage the cuticle and can lead to long-term damage to the hair.

Girls who are facing the ยูฟ่าเบท problem of dry hair, breakage, and split ends. It is recommended to take good care of your hair again with the 5 methods that we have shared above first. When the hair comes back strong You can then go back and decorate and color as you want.