Smoking addiction disease and methods to quit smoking that you would like to recommend

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Many people think that cigarettes are our faithful friends when we are stressed, lonely, sad or worried. When we are having fun, we think about cigarettes. Socially use cigarettes, before meals, after meals use cigarettes. Going to the bathroom must smoke. Until it becomes a habit. In fact, these behaviors It is the behavior of smoking addiction or smoking addiction disease. 

Smoking addiction disease and methods to quit smoking that you would like to recommend

We already know that cigarettes are full of nicotine that, if the body is exposed to it for a long time, It will affect the development of lung cancer, heart disease and have a negative effect on other organs. Including cigarette smoke can insidiously harm those around you, also known as Secondhand smoke The World Health Organization reveals information that in 1 roll of cigarette smoke there are more than 4,000 chemicals, 250 of which are toxins and more than 50 types of carcinogens. The longer you smoke, the longer you smoke. The more you are at risk of disease that shortens your life. Cigarettes shorten lifespan by an average of 13.2 years in men and 14.5 years in women.

In addition, data from the National Statistical Office Disease Survey 2017 also found that in Bangkok in 2016 there were approximately 1 million smokers, with a number of deaths. From cigarettes, approximately 6,000 people. The average cost per waste of money to buy cigarettes to smoke is approximately 1,000 baht. The average cost of hospital admission per visit is 130,000 baht. The lifetime prevalence of smoking addiction in Thailand is 14.9 percent. In 2014

What diseases does cigarettes bring?

Each year, cigarettes kill approximately 6 million people worldwide, of whom more than 600,000 die from inhaling cigarette smoke. which cigarettes lead to various dangerous diseases such as

  1. Heart disease
  2. lung cancer
  3. oral cancer
  4. Affects blood vessels
  5. High blood pressure
  6. Affects the fetus Puts pregnant mothers at risk of miscarriage. Childbirth death
  7. Decreases sexual performance 

If you want to quit smoking, what do you do?

Cigarette addiction is a preventable cause of death. Smoking cessation assistance services provided by doctors and medical personnel or health professionals are one channel for quitting smoking. Many people do not have access to services to help them quit smoking. Therefore choose the method of breaking up completely. which has a low success rate and is likely to return to smoking again People with withdrawal symptoms are those who stop smoking or reduce the amount of smoking immediately. There will be at least 4 accompanying symptoms occurring within 24 hours, such as irritability, stress, anger, anxiety, poor concentration, and increased appetite. Restlessness, depression, insomnia. Therefore receiving treatment from a doctor. It is truly an option to quit smoking.

You should follow the doctor’s advice. The doctor will assess your desire and readiness to quit smoking. Assess the severity of smoking addiction Factors that encourage smoking. Including receiving appropriate help and treatment, there will be appointments to continuously follow up on symptoms and results of quitting smoking.

Currently, there are many medicines that are effective in increasing the rate of successful smoking cessation. They are divided into 2 groups.

  1. Nicotine replacement This will help reduce the urge to smoke. and reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms In Thailand, the medicine is available in the form of chewing gum and skin patches.
  2. Drugs that do not contain nicotine include nortriptyline, buproprion SR, and varenicline. These drugs are effective in reducing the urge to smoke. and make it easier for smokers to quit smoking In general, patients will take it for 8-12 weeks. 

In cases where  a smoker has tried to quit smoking But if you are not successful, you may feel discouraged because the nature of smoking addiction is a chronic disease that comes and goes. You just need determination and determination. In such สมัคร ufabet cases, consultation with a doctor or public health professional is required. Receiving advice or taking medication will increase your chances of success in quitting smoking.